Fire and Intruder Monitoring

Ensure a rapid and reliable response

Weston Group know how important it is to protect your business at all times. We recommend 24 hours a day monitoring for our range of commercial alarm systems.

Our alarm monitoring service ensures that your alarm system won’t be ignored. Your security system will be connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via telephone, GSM/GPRS, IP or a combination of these methods. Upon receipt of activation signal from the alarm at the protected premises, the ARC immediately alerts the key holders and/or the police.

You can enjoy the benefits of central station monitoring for keyholders and police response along with twice a year routine inspection services.

What we offer:

  • Alarm monitoring 24/7 
  • NSI certified Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Reliable service 
  • Help desk support
  • Police response on confirmed alarm
  • Fire authority response to fire alarm
  • Key holder response (key holders alert via a call, text message and/or email)
  • Routine inspection services twice a year
  • Remote resets
  • Events log
  • Availability of engineers 24/7

Benefits of a monitored alarm:

  • A monitored alarm with a valid Police reference number can receive police response to a confirmed alarm
  • A personal attack signal from a monitored alarm will be immediately policed, knowing that help is on its way
  • With a monitored alarm more than 65% of faults can be resolved by remote diagnosis and resets without the need for an engineer to attend

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