CCTV Monitoring

What is CCTV Monitoring?

A remote CCTV monitoring package provides a robust security solution. 

Instead of having a CCTV system that just records, a monitored system allows a Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) to promptly initiate a response when an intrusion is visable. 

Suitable for both commercial sites and larger domestic properties, remote CCTV monitoring results in potential problems being dealt with before they occur. A monitoring solution works through integrating CCTV cameras with a detection system, an audio challenge facility and an RVRC. If unauthorised movement is detected, live and alarmed images are transmitted to the RVRC and upon receipt one of our operators will investigate and should a person be detected, will take the appropriate action. 

Why Weston CCTV Monitoring?

We have our own RVRC (Remote Video Receiving Centre) located at our offices in Oakdale, South Wales. In recent years we have made significant investments, with the launch of a bespoke 

monitoring platform. These investments have allowed us to configure monitoring from any system, or any manufacturer, to provide extremely detailed outputs to our customers, including:

  • Real time access to monitoring systems
  • Real time reporting via SMS, email or telephone for any type of activation
  • Full audit traceability for all sites and activations including monitoring station staff responses
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